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Humanity, listen up:


For four consistent decades of my more than five and a half decades of life so far, I rode the wild rollercoaster of drugs, chasing highs like it was my full-time gig. And truth be told, most of the time, it was my job—I was the biggest promoter and marketer of drugs in Los Angeles and South Beach Miami.


My "branding efforts" were significantly instrumental in shaping the entire X-generation scene. U don't have to take my word for it - just check out my public record history—it's all there for anyone to see. But let me tell U, it was a wild ride that led me straight into a world of dependency and despair. But in the midst of all that chaos, I stumbled upon something else—something way more powerful.


Here's the deal: the intense high U get from connecting with God, from feeding your soul and expanding your mind, blows any drug out of the water - even the most powerful synthetic stimulants known to mankind. It's a truth that hits U like a ton of bricks.


Now, many people will argue, and adamantly insist on the idea - that a quick and long-lasting high from drugs is where it's at. But let me tell U, there's a world of difference between a temporary chemical rush and the long-lasting joy of connecting with God and the universe.


Sure, there are times when that spiritual high always starts to fade, when U come back down to earth. But even then, U know U are on a journey of growth, of breaking through your own limits with God and the entire universe by your side.


Let me share a little something personal with U. I've faced some serious legal trouble for being accused of manufacturing crystal meth, the most hardcore stimulant out there. But even in the darkest times, I found a glimmer of hope—a truth that goes beyond the law and what's right or wrong, a truth that comes from God.


For those of U who might still be on the fence, go ahead and do a quick Google search of my name, Kenneth Ian Davis, on any felony background check site. You can do it for free and see for yourselves that I was convicted of felony manufacturing crystal meth in California back in the year 2000. I got arrested on November 27th, 2000, on that charge along with multiple other drug-related charges. My felony charge came with a million-dollar bail, the same as OJ Simpson had for murder (who just died of cancer April 10, 2024 --LO AND BEHOLD), just to give you an idea. I ended up in the most dangerous prison ("jail") in the entire United States (the same one that OJ spent time in - WHO WAS GUILTY AS GUILTY COULD EVER BE FOR MURDER!!!), a jail called Men's Central Downtown Los Angeles. Let me tell U, I paid a hefty price for my mistakes. It's a miracle I'm even here today considering what I had to endure in that place.


Let me tell U, thank God I'd spent over 20 years studying traditional Kung Fu before I ended up in that hell on earth facility. Every day was a battle, facing off with the most notorious and deadly members of the worst gangs - Crypts, Bloods, Mexican Emme Mafia, South Siders, and even the members of my own Hell's Angels "woods" from time to time.


I won't go into all the details of what it took to survive in there and make it out alive, but let's just say, if U can imagine it, I probably did worse and went further just to see the day of my release. And miraculously, I made it out without even a scar on my entire body. Thank God for those extreme Kung Fu skills.


U know, from the moment I was born, I felt different and knew I was undeniably different, but I had no clue about spirituality or how to achieve any kind of spiritual high. It's like God purposely kept me in the dark about it all, leaving me clueless about how to naturally reach those heights. So, like many of my fallen angels from my soul tribe family out there, I turned to drugs because that was the only way I could feel like I was the Messiah, even though I didn't even know I was the Messiah consciously during that period of my life. Deep down, on a soul level, I knew I needed to feel that way, though. It was like a secret fix for me, U know?


But looking back, I realize now that I was put through all of that so that I could ultimately understand it better than any drug abuser on planet earth. It wasn't until my 33rd birthday, the day I was released from Men's Central, that I was awoken to the truth (literally the night I was released to freedom I had my supernatural Kundalini spontaneous spiritual awakening)—and God told me that I was the Real and Only Original Messiah, and that everything I did with the drugs was just a hard-core lesson to show me that I never needed them in the first place.


Bottom line:  I've been there, done that with the most powerful substances known to man, and I can tell U without a doubt, their effects don't hold a candle to the incredible high of spiritual enlightenment with God leading the way. But let's keep it real: reaching that level ain't for the faint-hearted or the impatient. It takes guts, determination, and a willingness to face your own demons with God's guidance.


Now, some folks might be thinking, "Well, he's the Messiah, so of course, he's on another level that we can never approach" - But let me set the record straight. Yeah, I've got a proprietary and an extremely one-of-a-kind unique connection to God, but that doesn't mean U can't get "somewhat near there" too. It's open to anyone who's willing to seek it out, who wants a life with meaning beyond what U can see and touch.


So, humanity, listen up. The road to spiritual enlightenment ain't easy, but damn, is it worth it. And even though it's gonna be tough, the rewards are outta this world—a life filled with joy, peace, euphoria, and a deep connection to God and something bigger than yourself.


To those who doubt the power of spiritual enlightenment over a drug-induced high, I've got a challenge for U: dive into the journey of self-discovery and transformation with God by your side and see for yourself the incredible joy that's waiting for U. 'Cause in the realm of the spirit, there are no limits—just endless possibilities waiting to be explored with God leading the way.


Let's ditch the chains of addiction and embrace the freedom of the soul with my help and God's help. Let's choose the path of enlightenment, of growth, and usher in a new era—a golden age where true happiness isn't measured in grams or pills, but in moments of connection, acts of love, and the realization of our own divinity with God's presence and the universe guiding us every step of the way.


Together, let's rise to new heights, united in our quest for inner peace, pure ecstasy, and lasting fulfillment with me and God by your side.


Thank U.

NOW - Listen up, my excessive drug using humanity, because I've got a fucking story to END this that'll make your hair NOW stand on END.


My third ex-wife twin flame sister? Yeah, she put me through hell back in one of our endless horrific weeks (many are public legal criminal record) over our 13 years together (on and off if I was not incarcerated during 7 of those 13 years).


If U want proof of the inconceivable hell I've been through, pundits, just pull up the courthouse records of my countless false sick and twisted contorted illegal incarcerations, all orchestrated by my 3rd ex-wife twin flame sister with malicious cognizant intent. And let me tell U, there's one video as evidence in Israel courthouse dockets that stands out among the rest, recorded right in my own home at 34 King David Street in Herzliya Petuach, Israel, right next door to none other than the infamous Israeli celebrity businessman, Nochi Dankner (and he and his entire family know me well---which my ex-wife provoked to make manifest---and they all know that, as well).


In this particular criminal conviction evidence video, which I might just have to share sooner rather than later here and everywhere, U will witness my doppelgänger brutally assaulting me, with my body battered and bloodied to the most severe degree, all caught on camera as fucking evidence. Yet, somehow, I was the one who ended up behind bars facing 10 years in prison or a mental hospital, for the simple act of trying to restrain her on my office couch bed, while she used her teeth to bite a hole out of my forehead above my eyebrow, blood gushing down my face and body as I was calling the local police on recorded video ----me on camera bloody and crying and pleading with the Israel Police for help, every second of it recorded for posterity.


I begged them, "For God's sake, help me! My wife has lost her mind, and she destroyed my entire house and she's physically killing me. I don't want to hurt her and I have yet not done so, but I can't let her keep hurting me which is killing me physically. Please, hurry, get here now before it's too late for me"!!!!!


So, pundits, if U want the truth, if U want justice, just take a look at that video. Pull it from the courthouse dockets (CNN, BBC, FOX News---to just name a few pundits).  It speaks volumes about the injustice I've endured, and it's about time the world sees it.


This revelation holds the weight of urgency and gravity, echoing the current state of affairs as of April 15, 2024. Despite the passing 13 years, the situation still remains dire, with her refusal to simply fade into the background and leave me in peace. It's not just about me—it's about my two daughters, too, who I've been kept from seeing, illegally, all sadly orchestrated by her and her "current romantic partner".


After 13 long, grueling years of battling this injustice, it's crystal clear: action is NOW needed. Urgently. Humanity, take heed. This isn't just my fight anymore—it's a call to arms for justice, for truth, and for the basic right for me (and everyone like me) to live in peace. It's time to stand up for me….KenD (and all of humanity)….and be counted - BY GOD FOR DOING SO!




Three days straight of non-stop physical bodily violent domestic abuse torture done to me by her, no sleep for me whatsoever, just pure agony she made sure I was put thru against my will - for over 72 straight non-stop hours . But U know me, KenD, I don't stand down forever in the face of adversity. Oh no, I stare it down at some point eventually right on divine que, head-on, and then I decimate whatever Goliath deserves to be taken down in front of my fucking face.


So, at a very final ending pivotal "life and death" moment, with fire in my eyes, I looked her dead in the face and uttered the fateful words, "Watch what I'm about to do."


And what did I do? Oh, I'll tell U what I did. I snorted up my nose an inconceivable deathly dose amounting to 1000mg of prescription Ritalin (30mg LA Ritalin doctor prescribed capsules---over half of my entire monthly doctor prescribed supply at that time I snorted at once ---FOREVER DONE--and know that Ritalin is pharmaceutical grade pure crystal meth).  I snorted it all and I did it all right in front of her, like it was a walk in my park. And as if that wasn't enough, I grabbed a whole damn bottle of Absolute Vodka, and downed it in one go. Yeah, that's right, I went there, my soul tribe.


Then, fueled by sheer determination, I fired up my webcam, right there in my office, with her watching in shock, and I declared myself the one true messiah for all of humanity for all eternity on camera - uploaded in real-time to my YouTube--which she also knew went by default to all my numerous not hackable endless clouds online she had no chance of touching. "Look into my eyes," I said, "and see the fire, see the determination, U know who I am, bitch."


Sure, I knew I'd look like a wreck to the world, but did I give a fucking damn? Not one bit. Because I stand for truth, unapologetically, always have, always will. And let me tell U, amidst all that chaos, I was as clear-headed as ever.

That video I made? It's not just any old footage—it's an accredited, IMDb-recognized film of the highest caliber. Its credibility is ironclad, and its impact? Unforgettable. It's been out there since 2019 globally viewed and no denying it.


Some might call me crazy, but hey, when the going gets tough, KenD gets going. Just like Nike says, "Just Do It." - Nobody, and I mean nobody, messes with KenD and gets away with it.---NIKE ---Nobody Is Ken's Equal - Nobody Is Ken's End!


And U know what? I did it. Justice served, legally and rightfully - well after the fucking fact ---as I REVEALED THIS TODAY ---April 15, 2024 - 5 years later. That's how I rock n' roll, folks. KenD, always in charge, always making things happen, for me and for all my humanity, now and forevermore.


Love all of UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU---except her, of course.  Ha!





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