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Every script WE perfect. Every story WE breathe life into.
Every frame WE capture. Every moment WE crystallize. Through our lens,
WE transcend the extraordinary, creating a cinematic reality that's beyond perfect.  In each production endeavor, WE make the unreal, BE REAL, just for U.

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Productions In Development  "Treatment"

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Birthed in the dawn of 2023, Be Real Productions stands as the tangible realization of a dream nurtured by Kenneth Ian Davis (SAG/AFTRA/WGA), an illustrious globally known figure known affectionately as "Ken" or "The Magnificent Mesmerizing Messiah."  The genesis of this production company is rooted in the desire to immortalize the profound influence of Ken's late acting mentor, David J. Shacker, crafting an enduring tribute to a luminary lost too soon.


Over three decades ago, David envisioned a transformative shift in the realm of cinematic experiences, a vision Ken absorbed with unwavering dedication. Trained personally by David, Ken mastered the art of authenticity, embodying a realism in his craft that transcends the commonplace - an accomplishment few, if any, could claim to have achieved to this very day.


In the face of the burgeoning HIV/AIDS epidemic, the world was tragically robbed of David's brilliance prematurely. Yet, his teachings continue to reverberate through Ken's endeavors both on and off screen, imbuing his life with a realism that can be traced back to his mentor's original teachings. David's enduring legacy, encapsulated in the philosophy of "Be FLAT," remains a complex, elusive concept, misunderstood by many in the industry to this very day.


In addition to Ken, David's tutelage profoundly impacted Francine Kessler, another prodigy who carries forward his coaching legacy. She illuminates the path for actors, business individuals, and anyone seeking authenticity, teaching them the art of BE REAL. Francine established decades ago "The Shacker Kessler Company," a tribute to her mentor that resonates with the same respect and admiration that Ken shares.


Be Real Productions is not just a homage to David, but also a heartfelt tribute to Francine. We exist to defy expectations, to challenge the impossible, and to manifest the extraordinary. After all, nothing is impossible when "I'M POSSIBLE" sits at the helm. My name is KenD (and I own that "IMPOSSIBLE" registered copyright branded intellectual property in Washington, D.C. - BTW).


Dare to believe in the unreal, for we hold the power to make it BE REAL. Believe in your dreams, for dreams can, and will, come true in reality. Hope for the very best.  Prepare for the unthinkable, for with Be Real Productions, the unthinkable is merely a stepping stone to the extraordinary.

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